Some Diseases Can be Overcome by Fasting Ramadan

Some Diseases Can be Overcome by Fasting Ramadan – Muslims believe that fasting in Ramadan has many health benefits, both physically and mentally. This is also recorded in a hadith. To prove this, scientists are trying to examine the impact of fasting on the human body.

So far, this worship has been proven to increase endurance, reduce stress levels, lose weight, and improve digestion. However, it didn’t stop there. A number of studies have found that fasting can prevent or even help treat certain diseases.

Fasting is able to control three important aspects of health

Before discussing this topic further, you should know that fasting can control three important aspects of health, namely blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

By carrying out fasting, the condition of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol is more awake and stable. This is the finding of many medical studies around the world. If these three aspects have been improved through fasting, there are a number of diseases that can be prevented. Here are some of them!

1. Heart disease

According to these studies, fasting can nourish the heart because it improves a number of body conditions. Among them are losing weight, controlling blood pressure, improving the condition of blood vessels, and reducing bad cholesterol. If all these vital signs are good, the risk of heart disease will decrease accordingly.

This study also proves that fasting can improve the condition of heart disease patients. The method is the same, namely by stabilizing the aspects mentioned above.

2. Stroke

A study from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia – RSCM entitled “Fasting Can Prevent Various Chronic Disease” states that fasting can regulate the triggering factors of stroke so that the risk can be minimized. Starting from blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood vessel conditions, to smoking habits.

3. Obesity

It turns out that this is not just a theory. A study published in the journal Nutrients in 2019 states that fasting in Ramadan is capable of significant weight loss. This worship can also reduce fat levels in the body.

Another equally interesting finding was that the reduction in body weight and fat mass was more significant in obese people. This means, not only preventing, fasting can also improve the condition of being overweight.

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4. Diabetes

Especially as described above, fasting can also reduce blood sugar levels.

The body will feel weak, tremble, sweat, and lose balance because of it. Therefore, make sure you are in good condition before fasting.

5. Ulcer and GERD

A study in Acta Medica Indonesiana, The Indonesian Journal of Internal Medicine in 2016 found that GERD patients who fasted experienced fewer complaints than those who didn’t. It turns out that fasting can improve the condition of stomach acid so that it is normal, not excessive. This happens for several things, including:

  • Fasting encourages us to eat regularly;
  • When fasting, the desire to eat foods that trigger stomach acid decreases. For example spicy foods, coconut milk, and those that contain gas;
  • The smoking habit is minimized;
  • Decreased oxidative stress;
  • Self is not easily emotional and stressed, both of which can trigger
  • an increase in stomach acid.