Guide How to Play Mega Slots

Guide How to Play Mega Slots – For tutorials on playing MegaSlots, you can pay attention to the following readings and learn together, especially for players who just want to play these slots or new players who have just tried online slots.

The first time you as a player must also know how much budget you want to spend, therefore you as a player must be wise when determining the amount of bets, but don’t be afraid to lose before trying because at Slots Megayou can get a variety of interesting features from these slots. . a number of these features will make you really benefit when playing this MegaSlots.

The first time we have to understand the provisions

Megaslots have quite a lot of lines that are enough to make you profit, in these slots there are 18 lines that can be played on a slots, the second thing that can give you an advantage after that your victory is not only seen from the left line only … but also from the right. , here, as a player, you are certainly quite interested because the lines paid from the left and right make your winning percentage higher.

What is taken is the win with the highest win on each line at mega88 Slots , what’s more, if you can win 5 times in a row you will get prizes from both the left and right sides which are added up repeatedly. the total amount you are responsible for. , your winnings on other lines will be added and multiplied by the amount of your bet per line, the optimal win given by Slots Megais up to IDR 2,000,000.

Megahas several symbols with other payments and features that can benefit the game and players, of course the biggest prize at this Megais the dragon symbol, only Rp. 180,- you can get Rp. 1,500 which means almost 10x of the total you are insured, if you bet a larger amount you will get a fairly large prize of course depending on the amount of your bet.

The smallest symbols in Megaare ‘Q’ and ‘J’ symbols which if you only get 3 lines then you only get no more than 50 thousand of your total bet, but you can’t see the smallest prize, because of the features provided by Your Megacan change small gifts into big prizes. Some of the features provided by Slots Megaare as follows.

MegaSlots Has the Advantage of Replay Features

The feature provided by Slots Megais the Koi symbol, the Koi symbol can replace all symbols, this same symbol becomes a wild symbol but the Koi symbol has another feature, if the Koi symbol coincides with the dragon symbol, the Koi symbol will cover the other symbols and replace it with a dragon symbol that makes this symbol the most profitable symbol in Slots Megain addition to that feature.

There is another feature provided by this MegaSlots, namely the re-spin feature, how to get it, by getting the Koi symbol back, the rotation will continue to be played without paying this feature will stop if you get another koi symbol on any reel, with a re-spin feature. Your spin spin is really profitable because it doesn’t reduce your balance even you get a fairly large prize after the re-spin because all prizes will multiply during the re-spin.