Diseases Caused by Malnutrition

Diseases Caused by Malnutrition – As we all know that the body really needs a lot of nutritional intake in order to run properly all the systems in the body. Our body should not be deprived of good nutrition. In developing countries, including Indonesia, the disaster of malnutrition is still ongoing. Infants and toddlers are the most victims in this case. Babies and toddlers who experience malnutrition in the long term will experience problems related to health and body development, including the period of fetal development in the womb. Even infants and toddlers can be severely affected. Here are some diseases of malnutrition in infants and toddlers.

Diseases caused by the human body lack of calories and protein. Marasmus is often found in children or infants under one year of age. Marasmus usually makes the body much thinner, very low weight and unable to carry out normal activities. This disease is found in many African countries and countries that are still dealing with conflicts that trigger hunger.

Kwashiorkor disease in infants and toddlers is caused by acute deficiency of protein, vitamins and minerals. The condition is similar to marasmus, but people with kwashiorkor have edema in the legs. Patients are also more susceptible to various diseases caused by infections, even after getting certain vaccines.

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Beriberi is a type of malnutrition disease in infants and toddlers, namely the lack of vitamin B1. This disease will attack the nerves and can trigger various complications. Beriberi will give the effect of the body being very weak and unable to carry out various activities. Treatment needs to be done by adding nutrients that contain vitamin B1 or thiamin.

Pellagra is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin B3. Diseases due to malnutrition in toddlers can also be caused by changes in protein metabolism in the body. The characteristics include skin disorders, diarrhea, weak muscles and bones. If not treated immediately can lead to death.