Can Invite Dirty Habit Disease in the Boarding House

Can Invite Dirty Habit Disease in the Boarding House – Being a boarding house child is indeed the time to learn a lot about independence. Unlike when you were at home, now you have to do so many things yourself, especially in keeping your room clean.

This cannot be underestimated. Because if your room is dirty, besides making yourself uncomfortable, it can also be a source of disease. So, don’t let you have the following habits.

1. It’s rare to wash towels, sheets, and pillowcases

For clothes, no matter how lazy, you may be more intrigued to wash them regularly. Because if you don’t, you could run out of clean clothes. Are you embarrassed if you keep wearing clothes that smell awkward?

However, for towels, sheets, and pillowcases you are more likely to ignore them. Especially if you rarely have friends who stop by your boarding house. You feel that you don’t need to wash it often.

Duh, don’t let your bed smell bad, huh! Remember, even when you sleep, you can still sweat. Especially when the air is hot. Always use towels until wet. If you don’t wash it regularly, it could become a nest of germs!

This is why you have at least two towels and two sets of sheets. So you can wash it once a week and take turns using it. No need to worry if it doesn’t dry out in a day.

2. Do not regularly sweep and mop the room

Some boarding houses do provide room cleaning services, for example once a week. But if you rely solely on that, your room might be too dirty. Especially if you do a lot of activities in it everyday.

From sleeping, eating, studying, working, and even receiving guests. So, you still need to clean it yourself. If you can sweep and mop every day, it would be better.

The air in your room will feel clean and fresh. If not, try it every other day, yes! Guaranteed you will be more comfortable living in it.

3. Food leftovers are not quickly removed

Whether you cook it yourself or buy ready-to-eat food, chances are that you will still eat it in your room. Or even the kitchen in the room?

So more or less there will still be food waste. Either the packaging or the food that doesn’t run out. Don’t you keep it in the room, OK!

Even if there is a trash can in your room too, food scraps must be quickly removed. If not, get ready for ants, cockroaches, and even rats to invade. In-room waste baskets are only for clean and dry trash, such as unused paper.

4. When was the last time you cleaned the bathroom?

Often times you choose a boarding house with a private bathroom so that it is cleaner, not shared with other boarding house residents. However, if you are lazy to clean it, it’s the same.

In fact, the source of the disease is in your room, right? Moreover, the bathroom is almost always in a damp state. It requires extra attention so that it doesn’t smell bad.

If you use a tub, you also have to regularly drain and brush it. Do not let mosquitoes breed. If the bathroom is outside and no one is specifically assigned to clean it, you have to want to switch pickets with other boarding house residents, huh!

5. Let your friends who visit directly lie on your bed

It’s a bit troublesome if your boarding house doesn’t have a proper living room. So you have to bring your friends to the room when they come. One side is happy that someone is playing, on the other hand it is confused because your room is too narrow.

Finally, your friends immediately lay on your bed. In fact, they have been outside all day. Naturally, they sweat and carry various germs.

You want to say it can’t be delicious, right? After they left, various smells from sweat to sweat mixed with perfume were left on your bed. Hence, the existence of a living room or at least a terrace is also important when you choose a boarding house.